About Us

INKA INC. CO. is a fully domestic enterprise that was incorporated in 1987 and has been designing and manufacturing machines and systems for corporate domestic, international and particularly EU companies along with a consistently growing experience and specialized staff since then.

The company has set myriad of precedents in major projects along with its highly-specialized staff in a plenitude of industries covering aviation, construction, white goods, automotive, food, etc. The company has installed complete manufacturing lines for myriad of corporate enterprises in the domestic market, and manufactured customized lines and safety components for companies involved in the aviation and construction industries for years in abroad, particularly Europe

INKA has extensively been running R&D efforts recently and developing system designs covering PALLETISING Machines as well to offer seamless solutions preciously devised with distinct capacities and diversified equipment configurations for Palletizing demands of companies.

Vision and Mission

INKA is committed to offering sophisticated technology in product and service form, which would highly flourish the national industry, to our manufacturers at favourable conditions, and pursues the mission of serving as an exemplary and pioneer enterprise in the industry to this end.