Inpal 100 Paletleme Sistemi

Inpal 1000

Options and Accessories

Inpal 1000 Palletizing machines ensure price and dimension advantages by simplifying typical layering and positioning functions.

  • Conveyor options aligned to the layout of the specific Palletizing Machine and the product output conveyor
  • Automatic separator / linear feed unit on the pallet or between product layers
  • Automatic pallet gripping arm
  • Automatic pallet unloading conveyor
  • Pallet options of 800*1200 mm and 1000*1200 mm


  • Collection of products incoming from the line, arraying group, turret system, full package feed-out conveyor and empty pallet gripping units,
  • 90o-rotary rugged turret driven by vertical linear system,
  • Fast and soft operation for high capacities,
  • Vacuum retaining group with high carrying safety and guaranteed zero harm to the bottle safety band,
  • Automatic gripping of the plastic or wooden pallet,
  • Fitting separators between the layers,
  • Capability to use the unit as a palletizer or de-palletizer for products such as cans, crates, buckets, etc.